19. Even if the justices of the Supreme Court were, as a matter of fact and law fair to the Petitioner—for there are many good lawyers and judges in Uganda—the perception that Museveni uses state structures, organs and institutions of government to obstruct the functions of the judiciary shall continue to exist. Administration of justice 2. Wilson Muruli Mukasa Minister for Public Service. Formulation and implementation of … Dear Ugandans and all well-wishers. He said the Judiciary will continue to improve the communication. Hon. Welcome to our Website. The word ‘court,’ which originally meant simply an enclosed place, also denotes the chamber, hall, building, or other place where judicial proceedings are held. Court, a person or body of persons having judicial authority to hear and resolve disputes in civil, criminal, ecclesiastical, or military cases. Lawyers shall not be identified with their clients or their clients' causes as a result of discharging their functions. Where the security of lawyers is threatened as a result of discharging their functions, they shall be adequately safeguarded by the authorities. The Judiciary and its related institutions (Judicial Service Commission (JSC), Kenya Law; previously National Council for Law Reporting (NCLR), Tribunals and the Judiciary Training Institute (JTI) perform the following functions; 1. Old labels for network traffic are out of date with government users connecting from devices outside traditional perimeters, but TIC 3.0 offers a new map. An important fact to note is that the executive, judicial, and legislative branches of the State of Israel are all located in Jerusalem, making it the capital; nonetheless, almost all countries maintain their embassies in Tel Aviv. Ministry of Public Service (MoPS) is mandated to lead the continuous development of the Public Service of Uganda through the design and implementation of effective Policies, Systems, and Structures that provide for an effective and harmonised Public Service. Between the rush enable more virtual collaboration, stalled digitization of archived records and managing records that reside in datasets, records management executives are sorting through new challenges. 17. Browse our research and campaigning across the world, with all the latest news, blogs, and reports. The Government of the Republic of Kenya (GoK) is the national government of the republic of Kenya which is composed of 47 Counties, each county with its own semi-autonomous governments.The national government is composed of three arms: The Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary.Each arm is independent of the other and their individual roles are set by the Constitution of Kenya. 18. Pandemic tests electronic records management. Uganda used the U.S.-provided Personal Identification Secure Comparison and Evaluation System (PISCES) to conduct traveler screening at the country’s major ports of entry.