Následující řádky jsou úvodem do jedné z mistrovských monografií Vica Showella, která matematicky dokazuje, … Aus kultureller Sicht ist die Frequenz von 432 Hz … To identify differences in vital parameters and perceptions after listening to music at different frequencies, 440 Hz versus 432 Hz. Diese 432 Hz-Ausrichtung gilt als natürliche Grundstimmung und geht vor allem auf den antiken Mathematiker Pythagoras und in neuerer Zeit auf die Begründung der Klangforschung durch … 555 X pi = 1746 or the sum total of 666 +. 440 Hz, and whether or not it is humanly possible to discern a difference between these two. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. Vital parameters (blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation), perceptions (physical and emotional sensations, for example fatigue and stress), levels of concentration during the listening session, and general satisfaction with the experience. At the point of origin of the sonic bubble an electromagnetic bubble is created by the collisions between the air molecules, because each collision creates friction that releases a small amount of infrared electromagnetism. 432 Hz tuned music was associated with a slight decrease of mean (systolic and diastolic) blood pressure values (although not significant), a marked decrease in the mean of heart rate (−4.79 bpm, p = 0.05) and a slight decrease of the mean respiratory rate values (1 r.a., p = 0.06), compared to 440 Hz. Thus, the relationship between sound and light is real and very much part of the way that nature works. A pilot named George Van Tassel. Weitgehend unbekannt ist, dass die Musik der westlichen Welt auf einen willkürlich festgelegten Referenzton, den Kammerton A1 440 Hz… Yet they are all represented by the same numbers over and over again.”, “It’s almost as if the Sky God visitors, who the Sumerians called the Annunaki, provided humanity with a counting system that would lead to the discovery of these synchronicities.”, “Could it be that the number 432 really is some kind of cosmic key that unlocked a language of higher understanding? Als er Renolds Studie darüber untersuchte, wie 432- und 440-Hertz-Frequenzen Emotionen beeinflussen, kam er zu der Schlussfolgerung, dass es keinen Beweis dafür gebe, der nahelegt, dass … Gary is the one who approached me and asked if he could create a video from my research into 432 and 3,6,9 research and use the words from one of my websites Blog releases on this subject. Gary gave me full permission to use the video as well for anything I pleased. The study results suggest repeating the experiment with a larger sample pool and introducing randomized controlled trials covering more clinical parameters. 135 X 8 =, A few hundred yards north of the North Fork Works is this large henge that is still visible in this aerial photo. Some theorists and musicians claim that the 432 Hz tuning has better effects on the human body, but there are no scientific studies that support this hypothesis. Die Beschäftigung mit den 432 hz als Kammerton A ist in theoretischer und philosophischer Hinsicht durchaus sehr interessant und nachvollziehbar und hat eine jahrtausendalte Geschichte. Der echte und einzig richtige Kammerton A, also der echte Richtwert in der Musik, in den Noten, beträgt bzw. Wen Du ein stimmbares Instrument hast (Saiteninstrument oder auch manche Blasinstrumente), dann kannst Du ja gerne die 432 Hz … A 432 Hz is de afstemming op het Kosmische Keyboard of Kosmische stemvork, in tegenstelling tot A 440 Hz. Jeder hat so seine eigene Philosophie für ein gesundes Leben, am einfachsten soll es aber mit Klängen gehen. Claim: Tuning to 432 Hz is better than 440 Hz. There seems to be a war waging between people who believe 432 Hz to be the the most harmonious cosmic frequency where other people believe the 444 hz or 528 hz frequency is the real deal. Using these specific harmonic frequency-infused products for your home, office and personal space will ensure that you’re always protected from any outside negative energies or influences. Listen to Exam Study Beta Waves Ambient Music to Increase Brain Power, Classic Study Music 4 Relaxation, Concentration, Focus on Learning 432 HZ by Exam Study Classical Music … Das Ziel dieser Aufklärungsarbeit ist es, vor allem Musiker und Instrumentenbauer mit in den musikalischen Wandel einzubeziehen und die einzigartigen Vorteile der 432 Hz … Two sessions of music listening on different days. Laat een review over hoe je deze app nog beter voor u te maken. Hudba ve frekvenci 432 Hz versus 440 Hz Vše na Zemi i celý Vesmír se skládá z energie – vibrací, slyšitelných i neslyšitelných tónů. In preparation for this article I have … Sound in air may be defined as the transfer …of periodic movements between adjacent colliding atoms or molecules. The number 8 is symbolic of “creation” in many religions. We cannot talk about the 432 Hertz key note without visualizing a 432 Hertz-modulated infrared light bubble.”  – John Stuart Reid (CymaScope). Před r. 1939 byly veškeré hudební nástroje a hudba laděny na frekvenci 432 Hz (A=432 Hz… Check out these YouTube Numbers 432 Hz – Unlocking The Magnificence Of The 3 6 9, The Key To The Universe 1,116,037 views•Dec 22, 2017. Here is what the famous Nassim Haramein (director of research for The Resonance Project) had to say regarding my Cymascope cymatic image of my  guitars A =432 Hertz image. Showellovy studie objasňují posvátnou geometrii, hudební matematiku a vědu o léčivé vodě. The Large mound was surrounded by a henge that was 215 feet in diameter. Healthy Life - Mental Övning Lugn Studie Musik för Känslor Djup Koncentration Fokus och Biofeedback Terapi by Avslappningsmusik Maestro & Begrundan & Naturljud - Year of production 2016 “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla, 432 Hertz is a harmonic of light frequency it ‘speaks’ or ‘resonates’ directly with our cells. The lower henge is aligned to the equinox sunset. It's like the little documentary that could :-), Michael Lee Hill - Ea - Rainbow Warrior Eagle, “What is going on here? 33 volunteers, not suffering from acute and/or chronic diseases. Sie soll uns dabei helfen in unserer Mitte anzukommen. Results 432 Hz tuned music was associated with a slight decrease of mean (systolic and diastolic) blood pressure values (although not significant), a marked decrease in the mean of heart rate (−4.79 bpm, p = 0.05) and a slight decrease of the mean respiratory rate values (1 r.a., p = 0.06), compared to 440 Hz. And if so, have these sky visitors ever come back to make sure we don’t miss the importance of the 432 matrix?”. Här kan du även diskutera sekter. The data suggests that 432 Hz tuned music can decrease heart rate more than 440 Hz tuned music. Seip works, near Chillicothe, on Paint Creek. A room dedicated to listening to music, in an Italian city. The circle is 1050 feet in diameter. Die heute übliche Frequenz von 440 Hz wurde erstmals vom … https://doi.org/10.1016/j.explore.2019.04.001. You can read more about how all sounds create infra red light in the physics section of our web site CymaScope™ ”  – John Stuart Reid (CymaScope), 432 Hertz truly can be considered a harmonic of light. Voor alle suggesties, problemen of vragen, … Dass 432 Hz "die Norm" sei, ist falsch und das war auch niemals der Fall. The henge on the lower right is 210 feet in diameter or, These earthworks extended fro the sacred via at Piketon. Durch ihre … Eine Studie des ALL India Institute of Medical Sciences Patna (Indien) hat den Einfluss von 432 Hz Musik auf die Schlafarchitektur untersucht. Die Studie zielte darauf ab, die Auswirkungen von 432 Hz … Esoteriker sehen in den Frequenzen ein sich wiederholendes Muster von sechs Codes. Q - What’s the effect this 432 Hz energy is having on liquid? One sentence summary: we listen to music tuned to 440 Hz but listening to 432 Hz tuned music can have a greater impact on human health. De harmonische afstemming plaatst de Cis op 136.10 Hz “OM”, wat de … So the Atlantian Anunnaki’Human hybrid bloodline known as the Biblical Nephilim (Mound Builders) bloodline which is one of the Lost Tribes of Israel by the way and that fact has now been proven though recent DNA testing advances with the discovery of DNA Haplogroup X2a (Google It) which now only resides in the Native American Indians! We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. The size of the henge appears to be similar to the large henges or, Henge locate3d north of Lexington, Kentucky was 555 feet in circumference. Both sessions used the same music (movie soundtracks) but tuned to 440 Hz on one day and 432 Hz on the other. Copyright © 2021 Elsevier B.V. or its licensors or contributors. It rings true and people are feeling it! AbstractBackground. The separate lengths of 420 and 240 show up in different earthworks. http://www.edgarcayce.org/are/ancient_mysteries.aspx?id=4144, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HBZMC9spJI. Central circle was 1720 feet in diameter, Mound and earthworks at Marietta, Ohio. Die sakrale RaphaelsMusik wurde in 432 Hertz, basierend auf dem Kammerton a`, mit natürlichen Musikinstrumenten aufgenommen. The octagon itself contains 8 angles each being 135 degrees. Dear Michael:  (From AR Bordon, Secret NSA/ Lockheed Martin Skunkworks Reverse Engineering Division). I said sure, well what he did with this is just amazing and has hit a nerve in the heart of Humanity who seem to be very interested in this 432 based information we are bringing to the table. The current reference frequency for tuning musical instruments is 440 Hz. These four earthworks were located close to one another at Chillicothe, Ohio. This was all done in an effort to evaluate claims that A = 432 Hz is superior to standard tuning in regards the … Aufgrund … Sport, gesundes Essen, Yoga. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. Music Tuned to 440 Hz Versus 432 Hz and the Health Effects: A Double-blind Cross-over Pilot Study. 432 Hz - geometrie je konkrétní, jasná, v harmonii a částice vody se mezi sebou netlučou, v harmonii jsou i naše emoce. I think I have to stumbled upon a Galactic truth, Both 432, 444 (Arcturian Frequency) and 528 hz … I just recently got around to uploading it to my own youtube channel and it already has thousands of views. If you google the topic, you will discover that the debate over which tuning system is optimal is a very controversial and heated one. Die mysteriöse Soundfrequenz von 528Hz, … The octagon represents the Earth Mother. It also aids meditation for better mind and body wellness. Our 432 Documentary has went Viral and has been shared shared worldwide, it's estimated to been seen over 5 Million times worldwide at this point in time. BMWのチューニング、ドレスアップ、メンテナンス、パーツ・部品取付など、BMW専門店Studie[スタディ]のサイトです。 2019/07/12 Studieホームページが新しくなりました。 こちらは旧 … Henge complex in Athens County, Ohio. The adjoining square work had walls that were. All cells communicate with each other via infrared light so I imagine that when they receive music in 432 Hertz they are in joy. Subscribe for Latest News and Discoveries from Michael Lee Hill! Naast de 432 Hz weergave die volgens de studie van Maria Renold met 2.000 luisteraars door 90% als de betere tuning wordt ervaren, bevat de 432 EVO unieke features (afhankelijk van … Why is 432 Hz better than 440 Hz? Diskutera det som påstås vara vetenskapligt grundat men som inte är det, samt andra empiriska påståenden utan belägg. He calmly claimed to regularly meet with extraterrestrials who look like ordinary human beings in the 50s. This sonic energy typically expands away from the site of the collisions–at the local speed of sound–as a spherical or bubble-shaped emanation, the surface of which is in a state of radial oscillation. Binaural beats therapy is a self-help method that people can use to treat conditions such as anxiety. Kan deze app een goede studie hulp en bieden u talloze uren van ontspanning! The upper henge is aligned to the summer solstice sunset. Gary's other video version with music added is also above 1.1 million views! … The subjects were more focused about listening to music and more generally satisfied after the sessions in which they listened to 432 Hz tuned music. In the PURE-01 study (NCT02736266), we aimed to evaluate the ability to predict the pathologic complete response (pT0N0) after pembrolizumab In an open-label, … 432Hz-Musik hört sich wärmer und sanfter an, wir nehmen … Věže 5G byly konvertovány na 432 Hz Teslovy uzdravující věže Od roku 2019 byly (a jsou) americké 5G věže konvertovány na 432Hz Teslovy uzdravující věže. Ein Beispiel dafür ist die erwähnte Festlegung des Kammertons A auf die Frequenz von 440 Hz (Schwingungen pro Sekunde). This 432 Hz 3,6,9 documentary has been seen over 2.2 Million times, just on our two YouTube pages alone!!!!! Naast de 432 Hz weergave die volgens de studie van Maria Renold met 2.000 luisteraars door 90% als de betere tuning wordt ervaren, bevat de 432 EVO unieke features (afhankelijk van … Each session consisted of 20 min’ listening. Die Solfeggio-Frequenzen sind folgende: 396 Hz, 417 Hz, 528 Hz, 639 Hz, 741 Hz, 852 Hz. Stötte på en artikel via facebook idag, om hur man borde sänka stämningsfrekvensen till 432 Hz istället för den vanliga 440 Hz inte bara eftersom 432 Hz "låter bättre" men då 432 Hz … The conscious mind may not be aware of this, but most of what goes on in our bodies is sub conscious, thankfully! That magnetism, like the sonic bubble, expands away from source spherically and it is modulated by the sonic periodicities, in much the same way that an amplitude-modulated radio broadcast consists of an electromagnetic carrier that is modulated in amplitude by, say, a person’s voice frequencies. The Science of 432 Hz Tuning A=432 Hz is a more efficient tuning frequency, which was historically established as the Scientific Pitch, by scientists using the rational scientific process, and made … We have all these different things: Earth cycles, time and celestial measurements, geometry, and frequency. Or more accurately, tuning to <strong>A=432 Hz and using a "just intonation" tuning method (scientific tuning)</strong> is better than using … So kamen beispielsweise beim 432 Hz-Kongress in Kirchzarten bei Freiburg bereits einige Befürworter und Arbeitsgruppen zusammen, um neue Wege für die Verbreitung der 432 Hz-Grundstimmung zu finden. 420 + 240 =, Highbanks earthwork, in Chillicothe, Ohio. The two henges at Cambridge City, Indian were 660 feet in circumference. Er ist überzeugt, dass 432 Hz „natürlicher und wahrer” klingen als die 440 Hz des Kammertons A, auf den die westliche Musik standardisiert ist (Die Illuminati-Beatles: Im Dienste Satans). betrug einmal, 432 Hz. One of the things he learned from them was a mathematical equation that unlocked the means to time travel. Věže 5G byly konvertovány na 432 Hz Teslovy uzdravující věže Od roku 2019 byly (a jsou) americké 5G věže konvertovány na 432Hz Teslovy uzdravující věže. 440 Hz - částice vody jsou naskládané na sebe bez jakéhokoliv náznaku nějaké jasné … © 2019 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. Töne, die auf dem Kammerton 432 Hz basieren, wirken sehr harmonisch auf den Körper, unterstützen die Synchronisation der Gehirnhälften und fördern den gesunden Zellstoffwechsel.